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AI software that makes you the marketing hero

Maisy is your AI marketing assistant. She takes into consideration the key information about your business and uses this to create bespoke content, ideas, campaigns and reports in minutes

Say goodbye to:

  • Spending days each month creating content.
  • Hitting 'the wall' when it comes to generating creative ideas.
  • Battling with AI content software that doesn't understand your business.

Train Maisy this morning, create a month's content this afternoon.

Say goodbye to hours spent trying to get to grips with AI software that doesn't understand the complexities of your business.

Lean on Maisy, your AI-powered marketing assistant to increase marketing output, carry out market research and provide you with limitless ideas!

Sign up for a 7-day free trial with zero commitments

Train Maisy

Train Maisy on your business, goals and challenges by completing a series of simple forms.

Ask for ideas

Ask Maisy for creative ways of overcoming your challenges and ideas on how to position your products and services.

Create content

Lean on Maisy to create bespoke content and full campaigns that consider your business, target markets and messaging in minutes!

Stop spinning plates

The modern marketer spins a lot of plates. Content creation, strategy generation and coming up with endless innovative ideas is just a small percentage of what you do.

Demands are higher than ever and your team is expecting you to create more content and campaigns of a higher quality in double time. 

All of that becomes easy with the help of Maisy.

You've used Chat GPT, so how is Maisy different?

Chat GPT

  • Requires prompt engineering knowledge.
  • Company information will be stored and used for AI training.

  • You receive generic content and suggestions that don't consider your business.


  • No prompt engineering knowledge required - Maisy takes care of that for you.
  • Maisy acts as a 'walled garden' meaning your business and personal data is safe and not stored for AI training.

  • You receive content and suggestions that consider your business' strengths, products and goals.

Solo Marketer


For single marketers
  • 1 user login
  • 1 company profile

Small Business


For small  teams
  • 3 user logins
  • 1 company profile



For marketing agencies
  • 3 user logins
  • 10 company profiles



For larger organisations
  • 10 user logins
  • 5 company profiles

*Extra company profiles £25/month or 5 for £99/month | Extra user profiles £25/month


How does Maisy work?

Maisy uses a blend of an easy-to-use interface with Chat GPT to create a tool that makes generating content, campaigns and ideas quick and easy. Users don't need to be a Chat GPT expert and can answer a number of simple questions to generate a smart output that is bespoke to your business. You also don't need to worry about your data being shared with Chat GPT and used for training. Maisy acts as a 'walled garden' so your data is safe.

Will my content be unique?

Absolutely! Maisy creates bespoke content for each business based on the information you provide. This ensures that your content and campaigns highlight your organisation's specific strengths, markets, and services, making each distinct.

Can I trust Maisy's writing quality?

Maisy's algorithms are designed to produce high-quality content. The system analyses data, refines language, and crafts compelling narratives, elevating the quality of your content.

Can I customise the generated content?

Absolutely. While Maisy generates content automatically, you have the flexibility to review and edit the generated content before publishing. This way, you can ensure that the final output aligns perfectly with your organisation's voice.

How do I get started with Maisy?

To get started with Maisy, book a demo with a member of our friendly team.